Breadcrumbs For Wrdpress

Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress

Do you want to add Breadcrumbs to your WordPress site ? ( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

These help the user to know where they are on your site and also help the search engines know the structure data of your site. Today in this article we will guide you how to add Breadcrumbs to WordPress using Yoast SEO plugin.

You must know that WordPress does not allow adding breadcrumbs by default but you can easily enable breadcrumbs in your site using themes and plugins.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

If you want to activate Breadcrumbs on your site, you can use the popular WordPress plugin Breadcrumb NavXT. This Breadcrumbs plugin comes with Highly customizable options so that you can customize breadcrumbs according to your needs. It is very easy to use.

Alternatively, the Yoast SEO plugin comes with the breadcrumbs function. If you are using Yoast SEO in your blog or website, you can easily enable breadcrumbs on your site but you will have to edit your theme file.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

You must have seen breadcrumbs in many popular websites.

Breadcrumb is like a small text path, which you can see at the top of any website. Breadcrumbs informs visitors to the website that it is on which page of the website at that time.

In this way, you can tell your visitor without any hard work that in which part of the website it is. And which post or page is currently viewed.

It is not limited to visitors only. Google makes breadcrumbs a good factor of ranking. Because using breadcrumbs, not only the visitors, but also Google, Bing and all the other search engines know what the website structure is.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

Website structure Any website or blog has a body. And breadcrumbs helps to know in which part of the body what is kept.

If the structure of your website is correct, then Google will easily find your webpage and blog post. So that it will be easier to index and rank them.

By the way, Google is the first search engine in which Breadcrumbs was given a place in SEO factor. But there are many benefits of using Breadcrumbs for website.

Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress

1. Location-based Breadcrumbs

Also known as hierarchy-based breadcrumbs, they are the most common type of breadcrumbs. They Are  represent the structure of the page and help users to understand the site’s multiple level hierarchy for better navigation.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

There Are Location based breadcrumbs are convenient for showing the site’s structure to visitors who have entered a deep page in the site from external sources.

Let’s say we Google “Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism”, then choose the link to Amazon.

If for some reason we are not completely satisfied with the result, and instead of closing the page we follow the link “Teen & Young Adult” offered in the breadcrumbs, we are able to explore related items.

The only unusual thing is that the current page is not mentioned. most of time website designers put the current page in the breadcrumbs, but do not link to it.

Or, as another example, the current page is mentioned in the breadcrumbs, but is not linked to them. You always Be sure that breadcrumbs do not duplicate the main menu and secondary navigation options, and that they are unique.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress

2. Attribute-based Breadcrumbs

Attribute based breadcrumbs  explain the relationship of products to one another and help visitors to find a new approach. Theese are always show a list of attributes which the user previously selected.

Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress

3. History-based or Path-based Breadcrumbs

This type breadcrumbs provide the visitor with the path they have followed through the site.

Normally  it’s always looks like this: Home > Previous page > Previous page > Previous page > Current page.

This breadcrumbs type is unpopular, since it could easily be replaced with a “Back” button, which is usually recommended by designers and UX/UI experts.

These types of Breadcrummbs means Pathbased breadcrumbs can be helpful sometimes, but they are more often puzzling and confusing due to the fact that users sometimes jump wildly from one page to another, often in no logical pattern.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

There is also no need for a history trail for visitors who arrived at a deep page directly from Google or some other external source.

some of websites combine history-based breadcrumbs with other types.

1. Breadcrumbs makes website navigation easy.

As we had also known in the beginning of this article, how the use of Breadcrumbs makes it easy for visitors to the website or blog. Breadcrumbs gives this option to let your visitors know that which webpage they are currently viewing.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

Not only this, it becomes easy to use Breadcrumbs to go from one webpage to another or to visit another category.

If you have an ecommerce website, with the help of Breadcrumbs you can easily show the product category, its sub-category and similar category to the user.

2. Using Breadcrumbs, User Interface looks good.

Apart from categories, product pages and review pages are also easy to use through Breadcrumbs. The website’s UI can be simplified at all using Breadcrumbs.

Many website designers will tell you that Breadcrumbs spoils the UI of the website. And this is a mismatch option. But you should not panic, you must use it in the website now.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

It is very easy to do breadcrumbs in wordpress. You have to install BS Yoast Plugin. In this plugin, you can add this feature to your website in 1 click.

If you use blogger (blogspot) in your blogging career, then you do not get any plugin. You do not get the default option of Breadcrumbs. For this you should install the website template in blogger which is Breadcrumbs enabled.

3. Breadcrumbs reduces the bounce rate of the website.

Using breadcrumbs in your website also reduces your bounce rate. But first let’s know what is the Bounce rate?

Let me give an example to understand the Bounce Rate. Suppose a visitor comes to your website looking for search results from Google search engine. He does not find the information he is looking for in your post. So that visitor goes back and goes back to search results and goes to some other website.

In this way, the visitors leave from the website in a short time. The lower it is, the better the ranking of the website.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

A low Bounce rate also indicates that visitors are spending more time on your website. Breadcrumbs gives visitors a good option to see more pages and posts on your website. And lower the bounce rate.

4. Google likes search engine Breadcrumbs like bing.

So, you have seen how much search engines benefit from using Breadcrumbs in websites and blogs. Because of all these features, Google, Bing and other search engines like Breadcrumbs.

The search engine directly indexes breadcrumbs from its bot. And it also appears in our search results. Especially the searches that are done from the smartphone.

 breadcrumb is necessary for websites with a complicated structure or with a wide variety of pages and categories.

These usually include shopping websites (including ecommerce), knowledge bases, news agencies, massive blogs, and publishing houses, so their popularity within WordPress websites is understandable.

You can use breadcrumbs for almost any website, except those which have no logical hierarchy or grouping (single-level websites, landing pages, etc).( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress

Most of times Breadcrumbs clearly have some influence on user behavior, but are breadcrumbs good for SEO?

then there is answer is yes, although they won’t provide a magical boost to your SEO results.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

The improvements will create a better user experience, leading to elevated page ranking. Hence You can boost your ranking by showing breadcrumbs in the meta description, too.( Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress )

Be careful when using breadcrumbs for SEO purposes. Keywords can be used as anchor text for each link, but make sure they look natural to the human eye.

Breadcrumbs For Wprdpress

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