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Difference between C and Java , C++

Difference between C and Java , c ++

In this web world. Every thing seem to be too easy and advanced Difference between C and Java , C++

but still most of the things we are using even today are based on some sets of algorithms. Writing a while ago.

All our basis security as well as programming softwares or apps are made up some algorithmic software development language.
Some of The most important and most operated software development language are C, C++ and modernly used Java language.
Difference between C ,C++ and Java

These all the most used language at the time for software development And hold a very good position in market for it.Difference between C C++ and Java

Although They might have been developed so many decades ago..But still they were the key for the revolutionary idea of software development and my constant modifications still in the market with a great value.
Difference between C and Java , C++

So in the following article we are showing you all the comparative aspects you need to know about these language from their origin to their modern day uses and Job availability and a guidance through which you can choose the most suitable language for your career.

And Still if you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section.
So starting from the origin of these language : ( Difference between C ,C++ and Java)

C Language.

The first software programming language ever. Which changed the world of computer designing aspects and made a perfect algorithmically assembled set of syntax designed in such way the ever one can learn them and can use it to design diffrent different software according to their uses.
Difference between C and Java , C++

The C language was developed by Mr Dennis Ritchie at bell lab in 1972 for the well know Unix operating system (OS) . Difference between C and Java , C++

He made this language as prominent aspect of his project on designs particularly based on assembly language such that it can follow the procedural aspects and can be used by compiling all the syntax together to a well designed software.Difference between C and Java , C++

This turned to be a revolutionary step in the world of software development. And even today used as a necessary step for learning other languages as most of them are based on the similar aspects of C language.

C language is a high level based programming language perfectly ideal for developing firmware and other such kind of portable applications.

C++ language:

After the prominent success of C language . It was in a great demand but it needed to be more specifically classified in order to better understanding of algorithms and syntax for the developers of the steps and data level. Difference between C and Java , C++

Which mark the origin of an better language C++. This language was developed by Mr Bjarne stroustrup in 1979. It is an extension to the original C Language and their for it is possible to develop codes and syntax in C++ in a C style codding.
Difference between C and Java , C++

It was origined by C language but unlike the C language it work on a object oriented programming language . And was initially termed as C with class. As it had a concept of “class ” added to its initial C language. However it was renamed as C++ language later on in year 1983.

In this language is an general purpose object oriented programming (OOP) language its syntax are designed in such a way that user can call a class for an particular defined object so all the related codes of that particular object can be assigned to that class .

So when ever the developer re read their codding . They can particularly find out which class has the data they need to checked and classify each of them very easily. Difference between C ,C++ and Java

Java Programming language:

With the ultimate success of C and C++ language.many other companies also started designing their own sets of syntax and code for a new and better codding language for software development.

Which can attract the developers with its easy and recognizable syntax so the its users can easily learn them as compared to C ++ little bit typical algorithmically design language. Which take more time to be a good developer.
Difference between C C++ and Java

So in 1991 , Mr James Gosling also know as “doctor Java” developed a new codding language based on the syntax of C and C++ . Difference between C ,C++ and Java

It was designed to be perfectly pure oriented language.. Designed to work on object, class algorithm.
Java is one of the general purpose language built up for high level programming .

Enabling it users to design a high level software with a very limited sets of syntaxs and easy to use structure.
It was developed by a company named “Sun Microsystems” .

Where it was developed by a small team of professionals computer science engineers which was named as “Green team”. This team was initiated in 1991.
Difference between C and Java , C++

Originally called as “OAK” designed particularly for set top boxes and handheld devices as at that time , cell phones were unknown to the world. Difference between C ,C++ and Java

This “OAK ” proved to be a unsuccessful project and were on the verge of shutting down.

At that time “Sun Microsystems” renamed it as Java and modified it to an great aspect to take advantage of spreading network of system know as world wide Web.

And this made out to be one of the leading software development language at the present time.

In late 2009, the Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle group and took the ownership of it two most prominent software assets. “Java ” and ” Solaris ” . Difference between C ,C++ and Java

More differences between C,C++ and Java.

*Translator Required.
In C language , the compiler works as a translator.
In C++ language, also compiler does the translations work of the codes.

In Java , the translations work of the codes is done interpreted language (compiler + interpreter)

*Platform dependence

The C language is platform dependent, that means it will have to be compiled first everwhere is is been used . Difference between C ,C++ and Java

The C++ language is also platform dependent.
The java is independent of platform. Is have to be compiled once and then it can be used any device.

*Code execution.

The C language uses direct compilation of codes.
The C++ language also used direct compilation of codes.
The java language used JVM (java virtual machine) for compilation task.

*Approch of codes.

In C language, the approach of codes is from top to bottom.
In C++ language, the approach of codes is from bottom to top.
In java language, the approach of codes is from bottom to top.

*Supported Keyword.

The C language supportes 32 keyword.
The C++ language support 63 keywords.
The java language support 50 defined keywords

*file generation.

C : Its generates files in .exe files format.
C++ : is also generates files in .exe format
Java : it generates files in .class format.

*Pre Processor header files.

C :: support header #include , #define.)
C++: it support header files.( #header,#define )
Java : uses header’s packages as (import)

These were the most important differences between C, C++ and Java.
** There are many other difference like property of inheritances., overloading, presence of destructors, templates, multi reading interference .most of which are supported by either Java or C++. Difference between C ,C++ and Java

But they should be taughts more specifically when one is going through that particular language or else it may lead to confusion.
So if your seeking fr a job in google and its branches , you must learn C++ as many of the system databases of google are in C and C++ language.

On the other hand if you are seeking for job in web development , gaming industry and android software development firm then you must go through JAVA.
So choose wisely , set up your goals and work for it.


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