A revolutionary product for all your documentation problems.
The brand new EPSON L380 is now available for sale.

A brand product of EPSON having a high fine point quality printing capacity with a super fast printing speed suitable for all your home printing need as well as can also be used at small businesses with printing , scanning and xerox work.

It is an awesome product available at a very economic price just in the range of of ₹ 10,000 .

That can enlighten yours kids scl projects and other learning skills through helping them with fine and clear colour printing .as well as all your office works related to printing can be covered up at very less time at very cost efficient prices.( EPSON L380 )

EPSON l380 comes with a black outer body having metallic finished surface perfect for showing up and upgrading your life style and the way of living.
It is light in weight and covers too less space compared to others heavy space occupying printers.

It has a printing speed of 25 paper per minutes , with a paper holding capacity of 1000 pages and output stand of 30 pages for heavy work.
It accepts USB inputs , cable inputs as well as inputs via WiFi through P.C and Android devices.( EPSON L380 )

All you need to know about EPSON l380 ::

As we know ,EPSON is well established japan oriented company from 1961 with a wide range of products like scanners , printers , Xerox machine, desktops , PC and many more.

And well know about the durability , reliability and working capacity of the product .( EPSON L380 )

EPSON l380 is a multi function colour printer with refillable ink tanks .
It comes with a black outer body containing six refillable ink tanks with an metallic finish .

Hardware package ::

1) Printer – for all necessary stufs.
2) Data cable – use for connecting to P.C and cell phones.
3) GUIDE – a complete manual for all software and hardware related problems consisting of steps of installation of Epson app and it’s accessories manual And also about its maintenance .
4) ink jets – 2 black ,1 cyan color , 1 magnets , 1 yellow. For a good printing experience.( EPSON L380 )

5) Power adapter – for A.C power supply.

# About body ::

The outer body of printer is made up of high quality durable PVC ( poly vinyl chloride ) providing it more sustainability, durability, and scratch resistant power. And it’s inner scanner panels are made up of fibre glass for a clear scanning experience.( EPSON L380 )

Power source ::

It uses a A.C adaptor for power supply connected to any power source sumed up with the complete initial package.

Power consumption / power usee.::

EPSON l380 is very cost effective in terms of power consumption . It uses just 13 W power while working and consumes 3.8 W of energy when kept on stand by .( EPSON L380 )
It has a voltage rated in range of 100- 240 A.C V
And frequency varing from 50 -60 Hz.

Print mechanism ::

It uses Inkjet mechanism for the efficient and fast printing.

support pages or suitable papers.:

The Epson l380 support most commonly used Types of paper like A4 , sized papers officially used letter type papers , 4R ,A5, B5, DL ,C6 types of paper combinely a wide range of paper quality. Providing access to all necessary paper works.

Size and shape

It is an combined , light weight products having length 18 cm and width 54.46 cm with depth ranging to 36.6 cm most suitable for less space occupying printer. Due to its small size it can be shifted easily from one place to another without any much efforts.

Maintenance and services .

EPSON is famous for its after sales service worldwide . And in correspondence to it . Epson l380 comes with a 2 year indian warranty for manitance of your product as well as it provides free transit insurance.Which makes the product much more reliable .

By going through these all information, one can easily anticipate the quality , accessibility and working performance about the EPSON l380.

Attachment and software supports ::

It provides a very easy connectivity process through cable as well as wireless mode .
Epson l380 printers supports 2.0 USB input as well as cable transfer of data through the P.C.( EPSON L380 )

It also provides you the wireless connection through your P.C through WiFi for a easy and convenient wireless assessable feature .

For a best connectivity process through P.C it supports Windows XP /Xp professional x64 / vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 Mac OS x 10.6 .8 or later .

It can also be connected through your android devices that means you can access your printer just by using your android cellphone so you can print from anywhere in your house without any issues.

With all these properties , the most important part of a printing machine depend on its speed . And so on the EPSON l380 provide you a lighting fast speed of just 2.8 sec per paper that means about 25 paper per minute using very less amounts of ink.

It Also provides speed of 3.8 sec for colour Xerox copy that is much faster and cost efficient then any other model varying from time period from 8 to 9 sec per page.

So by comparison of all these features , it is a wonderful product with a very cost effective and long term durability, suitable for all your needs.

( EPSON L380 )

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