Google meet split screen

Google Meet Split Screen

          Google meet split screen.

In this pandemic situation, where COVID-19  is spreading all around the globe. People choose to stay at home for safety measures . Google meet split screen

but what about economy, what about many industries and businesses, Jobs, Education. They can’t be just switched off all sudden for such a long period of time. ( Google meet split screen )

So what are the alternative, voice calls, video calls but they can’t connect to a large number of people at a time.and even its hard ti maintain and monitor each one of their record of presence.

Taking advantage of this situation. Many companies launched theirs video confrenceing apps with a heavy space .and with the least security systems and features. Due to which any one was able to enter the confrence without permission and can upload harmful and inappropriate content on a live video confrence.( Google meet split screen )

Keeping these all things in mind. Google has launched a easiest and free of cost  platform for video confrencing . That is ” Google Meet “.

# What is Google meet :-

Google meet is a upgraded version of Google hangout with many new features and highly updated security features for a safe and secure video conferencing experience accompanied with very less data usage.

The accessing, Hosting, Joining meeting are too easy in Google meet and you can access it from any web browser just with an google account.( Google meet split screen )

#How to initiate or Join video confrence with Google meet.:

It is very easy to start a safe and secure video conferencing through Google meet . All you need is just a google account to Host or Join any video confrence.( Google meet split screen )

◆ for Pc/desktop/ laptops :

For desktop/ laptops you don’t need to download any other software. Just open your web browser and enter the link and you will be redirected to Google Meet page after selecting your google account.

◆ For Android or ios cell phones.:

For cell phones , google have official apps  available on play store for Android , and on App store for iOS phones Of google meet or you can use web browser for more convenience.

# For creating a new meeting.

To create a new meeting, the user must have a Google account, they have to enter theirs Google account or select from existing one and log in and that it. ( Google meet split screen )

You are available for video conferencing and even if you don’t have a Google account. just sign up for free of cost in just few minutes.

 # For inviting all  the participants  in meeting.

To invite all the participants of the meeting .You have to share the meeting link or meeting code to them through which they can enter or join your meeting.

# Join a meeting:

For joining a existing meeting  , user need a invite link or code to enter by host.( Google meet split screen )

You have to tap on link or copy it and paste it on the join menu  meeting  menu and you will get joined inti the meeting.

#Google Meet key features :

A) Google Meet allowed you to host or join unlimited number of meetings without any cost. A Maximum 100 person can join  your meeting at a time for free version of Google Meet and can be extended to 250 persons for paid G suit users.

All your participants must be sign in  through their google account.

b) access through Any device:

A user can join  a Google Meet meeting through any of the device like the Pc , desktop, laptop android or ios based cell phone or tablets.

C) Audio and Video control.:

A user can simply turn on or off the video as well as audio according to their need and can also get a preview of how they may look during the meeting before entering in ti the meeting.( Google meet split screen )

D) Live captioning During meeting.

A user can add caption to video through the help of Google speech recognition technics available only in english.

E) Layout setting and screen adjusting.

Google meet allows you to choose the layout of your own preference for seeing selected participants to every participant of the meeting according to users need.( Google meet split screen )

Google Meet also allows you to share your screen with any participant , to lin someone on screen, and mute all participants.

But the host can unmute any users account due to security reasons.

F) Messaging :

Google Meet users can send live message to all the participants for Sharing Doc, files , link etc . The messages shared during the meeting are available only till the meeting last as the meetings are end to end encrypted.

#Google Meet Split screen

One of the most important key feature of Google Meet  is Google meet split screen .

◆ steps to split screen.:

● first initiative the google meeting through the app or web browser in your laptop/desktop or cell phone .

● select the file you have to split screen with through the chrome extension on the scroll bar .

● select the file and return to the Google meer tab .

● Now click on split screen Tab and your video conferencing screen will be splitted with the file you wanted to attach.

● if you want to close the splitter screen  .Just close the splitted screen tab and you will get to your initial state of screen.

#Security and Privacy policies of google meet.

Google Meet provide a very safe and secure platform for video conferencing. Providing extra security features to the G suit  users for the professional purpose meeting.

# The security features provided by Google Meet are :

1) The google Meet meeting are end to end encrypted between the user and google.and Follow Secure Real Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

And Datagrams Transport Layer Security (DTLS) .

2) It provides features like verification, unique code selection and two factor authentication.

3) Google Meet do not uses the customer data for any other purpose like promotion and advertising.

4) It do not sell customer data to any other third party application.

#Paid features of Google Meet :

Google meet provide some extra features to its G suit members  

As a launch benifit google meet is free till the 31 september after that from 1 October the members of G suit will have to pay $10 per month for enjoying the security and prominent features of G suit.

The paid features of G suit are :

● it provides anti abuse features for all its G suit members with encryption based authentication for a better safety and data protection facilities.

● through G Suit membership . It’s user can allow participants till 150 . Which is 50 more then the non paid one. With better video And voice quality.

● it posses advance protection enrollment programme and a alarm centre for scheduling of the meetings .So the meetings can be scheduled before and the chances of missing and meeting can be avoided.

●Google Meet provides a data space of 100 GB  for saving and uploading of data to server. So it’s user can save their shared drive video to them .

#G suit Enterprise essential:

This paid version consist of all features applied in G suit with extra space upto 1 TB for sharing device files .And a total number of participants joining capacity hoti 250 members and also the 10,000 live streaming participants through domin which is yet in process .

And all these features just @$20/ per active member.

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