Punjab Educare App [Official] 2022 New8u Release By Punjab Govt.

Govt. Latest Updates About Punjab Educare App, which recorded six million downloads in just 1.5 months, transforms online education for students in the state. Jaswinder Singh, 54, who teaches at the government high school in Rampur, shares the concept of application development and says: “When we send students interviews and other study materials to WhatsApp, many of them ask them to resubmit files. We realized again that there was a need to create a database of study materials, index it, and upload this chapter. As a math teacher, I organized all the data for my students. Jaswinder said he shared his idea with teachers for other subjects and also began organizing study material for all types of subjects.

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About Punjab Educare App

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punjab Educare

This is an educational application. It offers free access to all study materials prepared by a team from the Ministry of Education, Punjab. The Punjab School Department has created this unique tool, especially for students and teachers at government schools in Punjab. This application is a comprehensive solution to the problem of access to study materials that arose during the closure due to the Covid-19 epidemic. A specialized team from the Ministry of Education has solved this problem through this application. The application provides all educational materials including books, video lessons, daily.

What Are The Features Of the Punjab Educare App?

  • User-friendly interface: All study material on the main topics of Nur. up to 10 + 2 classes are arranged very systematically, which makes navigation very easy in this application.
  • Updated daily: The application ends the fear of losing useful study materials provided daily by the Ministry of Education. This application is updated daily.
  • Save time: Easy and free access to systematically designed study materials saves time. It not only improves the effectiveness of teachers but also keeps parents up-to-date on their children’s curricula.
  • Teacher participation: The application is created by the teachers of the department, updated daily by the teachers of the department and suggestions are also from the teachers. Who understands students’ needs better than their teachers?

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How to Download Punjab Educare Application?

This app is superb for all the subjects if you are not belive then read the given Reviews of this app. someone writes about this app that “first time In can found the perfect app for learning. It’s amazing app. I am so weak in economics but this app boost mu mind and today I solve all question.” after that if you are interested to download you have no need to go anywhere for download because we provide you the direct link of the application to download click it and enjoy the app.

Why All Are Download Punjab Educare Application

The “Punjab Educare App” was launched on July 11, 2020, for online student education due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic early last year. The use of this application is growing in other countries besides Punjab. The education department provides many facilities through this application. Modified syllabi for pre-primary to XII. year, model paper test, daily slides, daily homework for all classes, competition exams “Rain” and “Rain”, map information, results of December tests, achievements of students of results survey in Punjab, various learning activities of English, animated videos, information about ETT universities and learning outcomes for students uploaded to this application.

What is the official website of Punjab Educare Application

Punjab Educare : Online Education on Windows PC Download Free - 1.3 - punjab .educare.nitz
Punjab Educare online education website

official website of this application = Punjab Educare App.

We have made an effort to increase students’ interest in learning, to make it easier for them to revise their syllabus through various methods and to enhance their knowledge. If any If there is any mistake left please contact us immediately without any hesitation so that the mistake can be corrected in the interest of the students.