How Internet works step By step

How internet work step by step

How internet work step by step

The most powerful asset of this digital world era. which was even difficult to be imagined without internet. (How Internet works step By step)

Internet play a most important role in our day to day life. like office work, educational services, for shopping, inquiries, online booking reading, building up business. interaction with friends family and many many other features.
(how internet work step by step)

Information about everything can be found on internet .
So what internet basically is. ? And how it’s been operated, who owns internet . Many such question arises in people mind.

So in this article we have given answer for all your quires.
if you have more quieres ., Let us know in the comment section.

What is internet.

Internet is an world wide Web established between numerous network connected to each other through hyperlink. These hyperlink connect one web content to another.

Allowing sites to provide assces to many of their features. About 70% of the world population are using internet.

It is like connection between two devices through cables. It also uses same concepts for transferring it’s data from one used to another.

The central unit used by them for this purpose is called as server. Which collect the request of customers and connect them to their desired web page.

Basic Concept of internet.

As the internal is an global network of computer connected to each other so there must be some thing which defines their unique identification. And its should be completely unique to avoid misguiding of data.

So for this every computer has their own unique address know as IP address. Where IP stands for internet protocol.

IP address is an combination of unique number ranging from 0-255 . classified new to every computer.

Through IP address internet address the location where the server have to redirect the Clint request. Clint here refers to one who has searched something on the internet.

(How Internet works step By step)

So let your Computers IP address is 0000 and computer of one of your friend have an IP address as 0011 and you have to connect to him .then you will send a Clint request to the server from where it will redirect your information to your Friend and then a complete network will be established between you and your friend.

And if in case you are connected to internet through a internet service provider then you are assigned a temporary IP address for the time you have been using that internet service.

Or your dial in internet work step by step
If your computer connect through a local area network (LAN) they you will be assigned a permanent IP address.

Protocol of information transmission.

1) Internet follows a assigned set of protocol to transfer your information from one computer to another . at the very first step you have your information at your device like it may be he text file or document.
2) you have to send this to your friend using another computer connected through internet.

3) then your data will first been broken in many forms .or many subdivisions of small small packets.
4) then again your data will be converted into binary language the language contains only two characters 0 and 1 .

*binary language is the most basic language understandable by computer system.
Each term we write or add to our system is been converted in binary language so computer can recognized it .

(How Internet works step By step)

4) then your IP address is been sticked to your information as a symbol for your internet work step by step
5)Then it is been transmitted in very small small packets of bits to the server of internet.

This transmission held in form of electric signals.

6) from their it is been redirected to your friends IP address .again in the same small packets form .
7) their through there hardware . first IP address is been checked and removed from the set of information.
8) then the receiver hardware decoded the binary language into the text form as it was in before so you can understand it how internet work step by step(How Internet works step By step)

And that how your data is been transmitted from one place to another. And this whole process occurs in fraction of second.
So from next time before complaining about speed , know the process.
Now that’s was how your data is been transmitted.

We have used Term LAN .What does that meant.
The local network connected through wires in a selected areas are termed in three forma

1) LAN (local area network.)
2) WAN ( wide area network.)
3) MAN (metropolitan area network)

LAN : It consist of wire connection all the computer in room or house.

WAN : it consist of collection of LAN s generally for any building or wider area connections.

MAN : It is an cables network spread out through out the town of city for better and faster speed data transfer in their particular area.

The LAN, WAN , MAN are comparatively faster and expensive to other networks.

Networking infrastructure:

Now as we know how data is been transmitted from one network to another in form of packets. But what’s is the work of that’s server.
How it is been operated.

This connection seem to look very easy but is much more complicated.
The ISP maintain a group of modems for theirs customers which is been managed by some form of computer with are dedicated to such activities internet work step by step

And this whole set up is been termed as port server. As it serves access to all type od network to connect with another network.
Billing and usage information is usually collected here aa well.

As your information packets are dispatch from your computer., They are sent to the ISP local equipment or the bandwidth they have been operating through.and from here the packets are keep forwarding to another routers and network until it reaches to its final destination.

HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol.) And world wide web application.

The most common and generally used service on internet WWW (WORLD WIDE WEB )
And the application which is been used for doing all the work related to web world is HTTP ( hypertext transfer protocol).

This HTTP is used be computers to communicate with each other.
This site enables site to communicate with each other with the help of several protocol and sites. And generally the TCP layer program is used to communicate with another computer.

HTTP is a connectionless protocol based on text.
The web browsers termed as (client) send requests to the web servers for getting the desired informatio such a videos , images , webpage etc.

After the request of Clint is fullfiled by the server.the connection between client and server across the Internet is disconnected.

What happens when we search any URL in a web browser.

1 . When we type any URL containing domain name. The browser first get access to that particular domain and finds the particular IP Address according to client need .
2 the web browser connect to the web server .And send a HTTP request.

3 if the page is found then it shows you the results else it just shows as error code 404 that means web page not found.
4 in such case the web browser receive a order of page back and then the connection is been closed.

And that’s how internet works .
These are the answers of all your questions and detailed step by step illustration of all the basic knowledge of how your data is been transmitted

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