How To Create Website ( Website Creation )

Website Creation

In this digital world , where anything that exist can be found on internet.
Each one of us are connected to each other only because of this world wide web. ( WWW )( How To Create Website ( Website Creation )

The world wide web is a collection of trillions of websites. Many of them are even interlinked to each other.
So basically what is an websites?
( Website Creation )

Website is a combination or we can say collection of web pages, multimedia content and other web resources. Which are typically know by their domain name which is the unique name allotted to them and must be published on at least a single web server.

Or on a common basis it is a collection of web pages formed through HTML ( hyper text mark up language ) interlinked with all its respective business activities.( Website Creation )

It is a most powerful asset asset to get linked through a wider range of customers to show them your thought , your product , in a very time efficient way without and manpower.

Its saves a lot of time and even much importantly saves your lot of money.
With so much features, everyone wants to own their website for their business, for their work o grow and to connect to a large number of audience (How To Create Website ( Website Creation ))

but can’t do so cause of costly services provided by freelencers and other website developers for creating a website for you.

So here we are to help you . we will guide you to make your website at your own.

1) firstly think about a suitable domain name according to your need like if you want to promote your business of shop then use your company/shop name or product name as domain / URL.( How To Create Website ( Website Creation ) )

2) now as you are ready with you’re domain name .it’s time to choose a appropriate hosting service of registration for your domain name which when get approved provides you your personal space at the web world and

you have to pay a little bit for that nearly $10 for a year registrations [for a non competitive domain] and you can even find free web host with some terms on many website.( Website Creation )

Many times you don’t get the domain name according to your choice cause their are already 300 million registered domain on internet but no need to worry billions of opportunities are still their available for you. So you have to just chose wisely and and get registered your domain name.

use less competitive domain name so your customers can get you to their priority basis.

** you can use most commonly used “ ” for your website registration as it provides a great technical asset as well as the website registration process is also too easy on it so becomes a most easy and most suitable platform for the beginners to initiate thei own websites.

One more important thing to be kept in mind while registering your domain name is your targeted audience or customers to which your product is reachable.( Website Creation )

As many small business don’t have assets to supply their products to other countries and for this it is more likely to use domain suffix as their own country provided suffix so that it can help them to reach more valuable customers ans their local trade will increase.

For an easy explanation if a Indian wants to start a spice company in india and he can trade it to any other country then he must use India’s official suffix “” .in “” so the one who want Indian local product can easily find him on prioriy basis .

And on the other hand if he want to reach global market then he must use suffix “.com ” provided fo across the globe services.

5) we have registered our domain name so for being more confident . check it on any browser or search engine
For this type your domain name and search and you will we redirected to your website .( Website Creation )
But as we have not uploaded anything on it it seems to be blank.

#Editing website ::

As we have our domain name and registered it on a web host so it’s time to design and structure your webpage

For beginners ::

For a easy going task beginner must download “WordPress” , a website building platform used by almost 40 – 50 % of entire website platform on it .

which provides thousands of free an easy to use deigning tools and other facilities which helps you to make your website look much more attractive and eye catching.
Or we can say much like a Professional webpage designer.

6) Now choose a best theme perfectly suitable for your content to be uploaded on your website from thousands of option provided by WordPress.

If you want to change your theme . you can do it anytime.
Keep modifying your website time to time to make it more attractive and user friendly.

## Tips for better presentation of websites ::

A) set up a search scroll bar at top for a easy search option on your website . so your user can easily find the things they want.
B) use navigation keys and menu so your user can easily proceed according to their requirements.

C) create side screen as well as different different section for the important headers like about the page , services and contact .
D) use attractive font colour and size through WordPress and keep making changes according to your needs.

Now just upload your content on it and your website is ready to be launched on the web.

( Website Creation )

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