How to install Java latest version.

How To Install Java

How to install java


Java is an programming language used world wide mostly know for it easy and memorable terms. Of Codding ( How to install Java latest version )

It is an one of object oriented type language, of class based programming language. Which is been designed in such way that the user can easily understand and apply to it in their system for better Codding experience.

It is developed such that it can be excess through any platform that support java without the need of recompilation. Java applications are firstly complied in a form called bytcode. Which can be incripted in any of Java virtual machine. (JVM) regardless of computer system or the software Like any version of windows..( How To Install Java )

The terms and coding used in Java are mostly similar to C language and C++ language. But it is much easier as compared to them.
At present .Java is been considered as the most used popular programming language used by the peoples. Mostly in Clint server based web structures. With about approc 10 million users or developers.( How To Install Java )

** Classed based programming #

Commonly know as class oriented programming , is a structure of inherthence occurring through the object alone.
( compare with the prototype based programming structure)

The most popular and developed model of object oriented programming in a inheritance infrastructure sub divided in a particular form know as class.
This is called class based programming.

James gosling.

James gosling, also know as father of java And Dr java is the founder and lead designer of this awesome programing language. He was born in a small town of canada. Having qualification as bachelor of science , masters and Phd all in computer science. He completed is phd degree from Carnegie Mellon university, canada.
( How to install Java latest version)

Before creating Java he had done work on many project like Emacs and goblingEmacs . After that he joined Sun Microsystems and developed the Java software with them in collaboration with Oracle.

He left Sun Microsystems in 2010 and Oracle group in 2011 and has started working with googal and at present working as an advisor in Scala company lightband and also an independent director at Jelastic.

More about Java .

The Java was initially designed for heiger military security system but later been developed to an easier format for the use of common developers. The java was designed by James gosling and been developed by Sun Microsystems.( How to install Java latest version )

It was first appeared in May 23 in 1995. And till then it has came a long way . it has been developed much more better and easily undebatable for all the peoples

Since last 25 years it has released so many version and the latest version released by Java is Java SE 14 . which was released on 17 March 2020. Approx 2 months ago.

It has easy and disciplined typing system with static , safe and strong nominative manifest.( How To Install Java )
It uses the filename extension like .Java, .class, .jar
The official website provide by java is oracle.Com/java/

The latest version released by java is Java 14. Released in march 2020 , which supports long term support (LTS) versions. which were released on September 25, 2018..

Oracle has released an public updated version in 2019 for commercial uses. But also with that new version the java will also support the java 8 version .till December 2020 which can be modified.

As java has stopped supporting its old version like java 9, 10, 12, 13. Due to security reasons. As the issues are not yet resolved so it has been highly recommended by java to uninstall the old version.

It is highly recommended for its users to update their java to latest version Java 14.( How To Install Java )

Android support system.

Java language has been proved a revolutionary assets in android and open source mobile operating system , still Android built langusy is been written mostly in C language. But the application running on android devices are mostly made up in Java language due ti its flexibility .

The java byte code language is incompatible with the Android system but it runs on its own virtual machine. An that’s way it can be used in low memory devices like smart phones, and tablets.

On the basis of Android version., the byteode is either interpreted by the Dalvik Virtual Machine or compiled into any other code provided by Android runtime.

Java is an free or paid software?

Java is an absolutely free software and its all version are available on Oracle. Com( How To Install Java )
One should upadate the java to its later version due to unresolved problems in its older version whic can harm your developement work.

#what Java software comes with !

When anyone download java. They get some extra featured for compilation, error checking and other database forms. These are Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRE further consist of of java virtual machine (JVM ) and and other library.

How do I install Java :

Different operatngs system follow different procedure .for installations.

#Steps to download java in window

1) for this your computer must have window 8 server or windows 7 , vista , window XP Or windows 10. Platform for running java .
2) the supported Java version available are 7, 8 and 14.
3) the procedure of installation include download and installation
And test installation.( How To Install Java )

#Download and install.

Firstly you have to download all the files needed for java inscription . you can download then all from
As the download is completed. You no longer need internet for further process.
Now go to manual download page for further access.

● go to windows offline and click on it.
● a file download dialogue box will appear on your window . Now click on save to download the file to your computer for example to your desktop.
● close app application running in background including browser.

● now double click on the saved file to start the installation process of the files.
● As the installation process starts. Click on Install button .But before clicking on it read all the terms and conditions carefully. There is no risk but one must know all terms and conditions.

● now after clicking on install, the software will ask you install the additional assets comes with this to insure working environment .click on next button to continue the installation.
● now the final dialogue box will apper where you have to confirm the last step of installation. And your java installation will be successful on your desktop.

** Java automatically detect the older version of java and uninstall them when you install any new version to your device and all your data is been restored on new version.

java installation in Mac :

Oracle java software can be only be installed on Mac version 10.7.3 or later

And it should have a 64bit browser compulsory to run Oracle Java on Mac.

Steps of installation

● Download the java Oracle apk file. Jre-8u65-macx -64.pkgfile.
Check all the terms and conditions first.
● now you have to double click on .Pkg file to launch it in your Mac device.
● you have to double click on the package icon to start the installation process.

● then you will be shown a installation wizard type display panel .Click on the next button to continue.
● after this , this installation process of Oracle Java will be finished and is been ready to use.

Just click on the close to finish the final step of installation process.
These were the common operating devices . If you want installation process on other devices let us know in comment section.

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