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What is India Olympics?

Indian Olympics: India first participated in the Olympics in 1900, with Norman Prizard (Anglo-Indian) the only player to win two silver medals in athletics. The country sent a team for the first time at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games, and ever since then. Participated in Summer Games. Since 1964, India has also participated in the Winter Olympic Games several times. Till the start of the 2016 Summer Olympics, India had 26 medals in its account, which were won in all the Summer Games, India has not yet succeeded in winning a medal in the Winter Games. The Indian national hockey team dominated the Olympics for a long time from the 1920s and 1980s. Meanwhile, out of the twelve Games held, India won eleven medals, including eight gold medals, and won six consecutive gold medals from 1928–to 1956. India is at 54th position in the Olympic medal tally from 18-07-2021.

India sent its first athlete to the 1900 Olympics but did not compete in any team competition until 1920. Before the 1920 Indian Olympics, Sir Dorab Tata and Bombay Governor George Lloyd represented India in the International Olympic Council. After this, India sent a team to the 1920 Olympics) consisting of four athletes, two wrestlers, and two managers Sohrab Bhoot and AHA Fayzi. Thus, the representation of India in the preliminary Olympic Games was as follows:

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History of Indian Olympics

The Ancient Olympics

History of Indian Olympics
Ancient Olympics

The earliest solid date that written history gives for the primary Olympics is 776 B.C., albeit basically, all antiquarians assume that the Games started well before then, at that point.

It is sure that during the midsummer of 776 B.C. a celebration was held at Olympia on the profoundly acculturated eastern shoreline of the Peloponnesian promontory. That celebration stayed a consistently planned occasion, occurring during the pre-Christian brilliant period of Greece. As a declaration of the strict idea of the Games (which were held out of appreciation for Zeus, the main god in the antiquated Greek pantheon), all wars would stop during the challenges. As indicated by the earliest records, just a single athletic occasion was held in the antiquated Olympics – a footrace of around 183 m (200 yds), or the length of the arena. A cook, Coroibus of Elis, was the main recorded victor. The initial not many Olympics had just nearby allure and were restricted to one race on one day; just men were permitted to contend or join in. A subsequent race – double the length of the arena – was included in the fourteenth Olympics, and a still longer race was added to the following rivalry, after four years.

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The Modern Indian Olympics

A relook: The Public Diplomacy of the Modern Olympic Games and China's Soft  Power Strategy – IPDGC Smart Power
Moder Indian Olympics

The restoration of the Olympic Games in 1896, in contrast to the first Games, has an unmistakable, succinct history. Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), a youthful French aristocrat, felt that he could establish an instructive program in France that approximated the antiquated Greek thought of a decent improvement of the psyche and body. The actual Greeks had attempted to restore the Olympics by holding neighborhood athletic games in Athens during the 1800s, yet without enduring achievement. It was Baron de Coubertin’s assurance and authoritative virtuoso, nonetheless, that gave stimulus to the advanced Olympic development. In 1892 he tended to a gathering of the Union des Sports Athlã©tiques in Paris. Regardless of the pitiful reaction, he endured, a worldwide games congress, in the end, met on June 16, 1894. With delegates from Belgium, England, France, Greece, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the United States in participating, he pushed for the restoration of the Olympic Games. He tracked down prepared and consistent help from the nine nations. De Coubertin had at first wanted to hold the Olympic Games in France, however, the delegates persuaded him that Greece was the suitable country to have the principal current Indian Olympics. The gathering concurred that the Olympics would move at regular intervals to other extraordinary urban communities of the world.

The Summer and Winter Games were customarily held around the same time, but because of the expanding size of both Olympics, the Winter Games were moved to an alternate timetable after 1992. They were held in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994, in Nagano, Japan in 1998, in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002, in Turin, Italy in 2006, and in 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Modern Indian Olympics problems

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Modern Indian Olympics problems

In 1896, the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, the capital of Greece. From 6 to 15 April 1896, 241 players from 14 countries participated in these games held in Athens, the capital of Greece. 43 events from 9 sports took place in this Olympics. Marathon running was also included for the first time in 43 competitions. Players from the host country took part in most of the matches. Major events included tennis, track, and field, weightlifting, cycling, wrestling, archery, swimming and gymnastics. Cricket and football competitions were canceled because there was a lack of teams to participate in these matches. The total cost of these games was 37,40,000 Dracmus (Greek currency).

Olympics Games were canceled three times due to world war

Tokyo Olympics: Why doesn't Japan cancel the Games? - BBC News
Olympic Games were canceled three times

The Olympic Games, which began in the Greek capital of Athens in 1896, have been held 30 times so far. However, despite all the preparations being made three times during this time, the Indian Olympics had to be canceled. The Olympic Games in 1916 (Berlin, Germany), 1940 (Tokyo, Japan) and 1944 (London, England) were not held due to the outbreak of World War

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Indian Olympics medalists

All medal winners from India at the Tokyo Olympics 2020
Indian Olympics medalists
Norman PritchardsilverMains 200mParis 1900
Norman PritchardsilverMen’s 200m HurdlesParis 1900
Indian hockey teamGoldmen’s hockeyAmsterdam 1928
Indian hockey teamGoldmen’s hockeyLos Angeles 1932
Indian hockey teamGoldmen’s hockeyBullis 1936
Indian hockey teamGoldmen’s hockeyLondon 1948
Indian hockey teamGoldmen’s hockeyHelsinki 1952
Indian hockey teamGoldmen’s hockeyMelbourne 1956
KD Jadhavbronzemen’s bantamweight wrestlingHelsinki 1952
Indian hockey teamsilvermen’s hockeyRome 1960
Indian hockey teamGoldmen’s hockeyTokyo 1964
Indian hockey teambronzemen’s hockeyMexico City 1968
Indian hockey teambronzemen’s hockeyMunich 1972
Indian hockey teamGoldmen’s hockeyMoscow 1980
Leander PaesbronzeMen’s Singles TennisAtlanta 1996
Karnam MalleswaribronzeWomen’s 54kg WeightliftingSydney 2000
Rajyavardhan Singh RathodsilverMen’s Double Trap ShootingAthens 2004
Abhinav BindraGoldMen’s 10m Air Rifle ShootingBeijing 2008
Vijender Singhbronzemen’s middleweight boxingBeijing 2008
Sushil KumarbronzeMen’s 66kg WrestlingBeijing 2008
Sushil KumarsilverMen’s 66kg WrestlingLondon 2012
Vijay KumarsilverMen’s 25m Rapid Pistol ShootingLondon 2012
Saina NehwalbronzeWomen’s Singles BadmintonLondon 2012
Mary Kombronzewomen’s flyweight boxingLondon 2012
Yogeshwar DuttbronzeMen’s 60kg WrestlingLondon 2012
Gagan Narang bronzeMen’s 10m Air Rifle ShootingLondon 2012
PV Sindhusilverwomen’s singles badmintonRio 2016
Sakshi MalikbronzeWomen’s 58kg WrestlingRio 2016
Mirabai ChanusilverWomen’s 49kg WeightliftingTokyo 2020
lovlina borgohainbronzeWomen’s Welterweight (64-69kg)Tokyo 2020
PV Sindhubronzewomen’s singles badmintonTokyo 2020
Ravi Kumar DahiyasilverMen’s Freestyle 57kgTokyo 2020
Indian hockey teambronzemen’s hockeyTokyo 2020
Bajrang PuniabronzeMen’s 65kg WrestlingTokyo 2020
Neeraj ChopraGoldMen’s Javelin ThrowTokyo 2020

 These range from 13 for fencing and 14 for taekwondo and bobsled, to 17 for wrestling, cycling, and weightlifting, and 20 for the marathon.
How many athletes are in the Indian Olympic team?

The Indian contingent participated in a record 69 events, and earned medals across 18 athletic disciplines.

India at the 2020 Summer Olympics
126 in 18 sports

Flag bearers (opening)
Mary Kom Manpreet Singh

Flagbearer (closing)
Bajrang Punia
None other than India’s golden boy javelin ace Neeraj Chopra.
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