MANTRA Biometric Devices Price

MANTRA Biometric Devices Price

     MANTRA Biometric Devices Price

#MANTRA Mgs 100 USB fingerprint scanner

● In this digital era , the Major identity proof whether it is for office, residence, schools/ college attendence or digital payment app and other kind of unique identification sector. (MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

We have to be 100% sure about the unique personality and identity and for this biometric device as the best Tool for identification as biometric never lies. (MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

And for this MANTRA Mgs 100 USB biometric device is all you need . It is an very cost effective , high speed finger print n scanner with max accuracy verification . Built up of a  strong plastic material and with a highly scratch proof scanning glass.(MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

# MANTRA Biometric device price :-

● Mantra mgs 100 USB finger print scanner biometric device comes in a very cost effective range. Just of ₹1800 to ₹2000  varying over the platform.

And can also be bargained upto 1600 on selected E commence sites like Flipkart , amazon etc..(MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

 And it is the most secured Price for a highly reliable biometric security and identification device mn

# Features of MANTRA biometric devices.::

● MANTRA biometric devices are superior quality fingerprint USB  scanner suitable for all kind of PC and  android mobile . For capturing and verification of fingerprint and many kind of security based platforms.

* Highly used in Aadhaar, jeevan pramad patre , digital signature certificate, authentication and ID proofs.

* A large number of digital marketers also uses biometric verification for identification and also used my many payment banks likes PayTM , phone pay etc. Through BHIM UPI ID .

That means your money is in safe hands with MANTRA biometric devices.

● About the product ::

This device comes with a trust of brand MANTRA . It’s Model number is MFs 100 with RD throug with you can get a high resolution accurate Finger print of the user.(MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

More effectively, it provides a LCD display with more prominent resolution power of 500 DPI .

● MANTRA biometric device comes with a strong outer body made up of hard plastic for a long lasting work experience.

It is available in two attractive colours that are silver and black.

 it is of small size, light weight and easily portable.

You can carry it with you anywhere due to its easy installation process and less space occupying quality. It have a scratch proof glass to avoid problems in resolution quality of fingerprints scanning over a period of time.

The estimated fingerprints scanning capacity of this device is nearly 100000000 .which is extremely huge.(MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

Now it’s time for most important features of this device you might be looking for::

1) its power consumption

2) Identification speed.

● for the first features, the power consumption . You don’t need to soory about it as it work on USB cable connection so the power consumption by it is negligible as it work on the energy of the device Like PC or android phone  it is been connected through the USB cable.

● Now  about the speed . The MANTRA biometric device provides a lighting fast identification speed of less than 0.8 sec . Which is even less than the time taken for blinking of our eyes. Or we can say more faster than Mahender singh Dhoni s fastest stumping.

So you can completely relay on this product for its speed, power , accessibility working performance and durability.

#Uses ::

MANTRA BIOMETRIC device can be used as door locks , time and attendance recording tool,  as an payment device , access control to varies sited and apps and other such type of varies identity and authentication based platforms.(MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

This device can easily connect to computer, laptops and android phones.

##After sell services::

● For any products , the factor to know bn about is it’s after sell services. So for this MANTRA BIOMETRIC DEVICE provides you 1 year manufacturing warranty that covers all kind of manufacturing defects .

The service type provided by it is “Repair” type.

##Note :

◆ The MANTRA warranty do cover any manufacturing fault  Exclusions to this are any damages caused by mishandling, any burns, corrosion or any damages caused by exposure to chemicals, fire, water, etc.

◆ one more thing related to its accessibility is that the Aadhar or UIDAI ID must be registered on UIDAI cause without that it doesn’t work used for NDLM ,APNA CSC, JEEVAN PRAMAN , AADHAR enabled Biometric attendance system (AEBAS).

##Registration process.:

After purchase , the key factor is to how to register your device on MANTRA software for a successful activations.(MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

All you need to know regarding Registration of your Mantra Mfs Biometric device is  first You will have to pay a nominal fee  for registration and then you will receive a unique  identity link for your registered device service or

RD Service and after that you have to fill your UIDAI id  details with your Mantra MFS 100 serial number you will get a confirmation notification from the Registration of MANTRA Mfs 100 biometric device.

Registration of your device  on MANTRA will make your device  safe and secured for the Aadhaar validation and becomes  more secure and useful for our country. You could register any MANTRA MFS 100 biometric device

at  MANTRA company web portal whether it has been purchased from Amazon, Snapdeal,  Shopclues, Flipkart, PayTm, Reseller, Retailer or Manufacturer of Mantra.

It is necessary to keep in mind that you will not receive any License Key instead of that your device will be get registered under RD Services for Aadhaar authentication use.(MANTRA Biometric Devices Price)

* Key points::

A)  Any other  types of applicable Taxes shall be charged extra and on actual basis.

b) This will cover the device upgrade and Key Rotation to comply with UIDAI Registered Devices .

c) Mantra provide a additional features of extending warranty period .But for that you have a pay a little bit more.

d) Candidates have to fill all theirs information correctly as the information can be manipulated as many time user want but once after the submission of can’t be manipulated .

e) For each RD Service registration your device must be brought it  from the genuine seller and Serial number  of your  MANTR biometric device should be validated on manufacturer’s server

f) If due to any fault you have been provided a  invalid serial no. or technical issue.MANTRA will provide replace of products of full refund will be initiated after your confirmation .

g)  The distributor of tis Device  shall be responsible to provide  all devices and its associated software described  on the pack  as per the verification issued by UIDAI which will be STQC certified.

h)   The  MANTRA BIOMETRIC Device Provider will make all applicable efforts to ensure that all security based  standards specified by UIDAI are met to 100 sure to prevent breaches such as replay attack on the software and key compromise faults.

i)  MANTRA biometric Device Provider shall be liable only for damages if any only in the case that it is any intensive damage caused to the product through the dealing procedure.

Else the dealer will not be been blaimed for the defect and else consider as manufacturing defect.

 #Conclusion :

MANTRA BIOMETRIC DEVICE is a superb device with multi functional  uses at a very cost effective Price and it’s a highly durable product. Best for all kind of biometric scanning process.

#Best available offers regarding MANTRA BIOMETRIC DEVICE PRICE.

 This product is available on maximum number of e commerce website with a wide range of price difference.

Flipkart has given the best response about this product as compared to others with just a Price of ₹1900 . And also gives extra manufacturing warranty over it’s product which is highly beneficial for the customers.

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