The best toilet paper in the world is Pakistan Flag | Why Pakistan flag comes when someone asks about the best toilet paper in the world?

best toilet paper = Pakistan Flag, Hi, friend! How are you, I hope you are in the best of health. Today I have a very interesting topic that you will discuss The best toilet paper in the world. You all know that Pakistan and India do not seem to have very good relations, but due to Pakistan’s recent involvement in terrorism and the protection of terrorists such as Masood Azhar, has destroyed their relations with the world’s powerful countries. Apart from all the criticism, the worst Pakistan has received is the national flag, which Google shows as the best toilet paper in the world.

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Why does the Pakistan flag come as the result of the best toilet paper in the world?

A Google spokesman said: “If we continue to investigate this matter, we will find no evidence that Google Images has included the Pakistani flag as best toilet paper in response to this particular search. Several news sites wrote about it. our user interfaces and began in 2017 and we have not detected any independent verification that would show these results as described.

According to a statement provided by Google, these images are from meme websites and are from 2017, but through recent articles and contributions criticizing Pakistan for its involvement in terrorism, these images have become a trending topic. The search engine claims that the results for the best toilet paper are as follows – the national flag of Pakistan is now in trend.

While the whole “best toilet paper” thing became viral, Twitter wasted no time in posting pictures with the new and leading hashtag “#Besttoiletpaperintheworld”.

Why did it happen after the Pulwama attack?

One year to Pulwama attack: What had happened and how India retaliated
Why it was happened after the Pulwama attack?

It all happened after a massive suicide terrorist attack on a CRPF convoy. The attack took place on February 14, 2019 and led to the disappearance of 40 paramilitary CRPF units. Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed responsibility for the cause of this attack.

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, the assassin Jaish hit an SUV loaded with 350 Kilograms of explosives on one of the buses carrying soldiers from 78 convoy vehicles.

It was the deadliest terrorist attack in three decades, killing 40 people and injuring several others.

What is best toilet paper?

best toilet paper
Toilet paper

Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and serviettes instead of toilet paper, personal products that must be clean and hygienic. It is produced from various proportions of white sulphate pulp with a little refining in stock, making it soft, large and absorbent. Sanitary papers differ from other papers in that they are creped, a process in which the paper is dried in a roll and then scraped with a shrinking metal blade. This makes the paper soft but relatively brittle so it can break off in water.

People reaction after the Pulwama attack?

After this attack, the entire “best toilet paper” took place because of all the criticism Pakistan received.

Many people have shared screenshots with the result of a Google image on Twitter, making the hashtag #besttoiletpaperintheworld trending on micro-blogging sites. It is one of the most popular and trendy hashtags today. As you now know, Google search is based on algorithms that match a query for websites with similar results. Similar posts have appeared in Google Images in the past.

For example: if you look for a ‘stupid’ man in the world, you will find the result of US President Donald Trump. When you search for ‘Pappu,’ Rahul Gandhi’s results appear in Google Images search results. Narender Modi’s photo was also recently published in the ‘Top 10 Criminals’ search results. we will see more example in the further information.

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The example with detail information – and hope you will enjoy this example after searching on google.

  1. Searching of ‘Top 10 Criminal’ word gives the result – Narendra Modi ?
    Yes, this is true when you will search for the word ‘Top 10 Criminal’ Google Images shows the Result as the image or a picture of our PM Narendra Modi.
  2. Searching of ‘Feku’ word gives the result – Narendra Modi ?
    Yes, When you Search for ‘feku’ Google image shows the result of this search to our respected prime minister narendra modi.
  3. Searching of ‘Murder’ word gives the result – Result Aboration?
    What do you think the result will be displayed when you search for the murder. Wikipedia link for murder? photos of illegal murder ?, but it’s a bit shocking that you also have a link to Wikipedia for “abortion”.
  4. Searching of ‘French Military Victories’ word gives the result – French Military Defeats?
    Yes, when you searched for the French Military Victories, Google showed “no result” for the particular search but also asked “did you mean French Military Defeats?”
  5. Searching of ‘idiot’ word gives the result – Donald Trump?
    yes this is the funny fact that when you search for the word “idiot”. google image shown the result of Donald Trump. If you have not tried it yet must try it. And comment in the article comment box.