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Thermal scanner for covid 19

Thermal scanner price

Thermal scanner

In this Pandemic of COVID 19 , where there was no hope of survival. Every one was in great fear. Whom to connect, whom to talk and whom to help.
Thermal scanner

Then this small device came to limelight and today it is been considered the biggest and finnest asset to identify the covid 19 patience at very first glance through the help of thermal scanning.

Yes we are taking about, the most demanded product of this time. infrared Thermal scanner

The revolutionary device used to indentify the fever complications in any person as a prominent symptoms of COVID 19 with the help of concept of thermal scanning ., And that’s too within few seconds without being in contact with the person to be testedThermal scanner

what is thermal Scanner ?

An Infrared thermal scaner also known as thermography/thermal imaging is a technique of finding out the human body temperature without any uses of any kind of radiation.

It uses , a procedure formation that detects, records, and create a proper accurately analysis
image made up of temperature patterns formed due to body heat on our skin surface as a reflection of normal or abnormal human physical condition.Thermal scanner

Or in easy terms, thermography means “Picture of Heat”, and that is what the thermography detect . It detects the infrared thermal images which show us the heat patterns, thermal imbalances, and inflammation,burning sensation caused by blood circulation problems in the body.

Because of these all effects the acupuncture addresses blood circulation and reduces inflammation in our body , which is been used by infrared thermal imaging to help us monitor our treatment progress.Thermal scanner


The images of Infrared thermal scanning is not used to show structural problems in the body like muscles and bones related , it is not used to diagnose diseases, and it does not detect all inflammation in the body.

#Uses of thermal scanner in Corona.

As the increase in sale of thermal scanner has been seen increasing at a tremendous rate .Thermal scanner

A question might have been arised in someone mind that what is the reason , that thermal scanners are being so widely so the ans is it due to Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) .

which is a highly infectious disease caused by a coronavirus. Used infrared thermal Screening plays an important part in detecting a potential the infected person and also plays an important role in preventing the spread of SARS through physical transmission.Thermal scanner

The wide uses of infrared thermal scanner has been recognize as quick and cost effective and mostly accurate means for mass blind screening of potential SARS infected persons without coming with them physically.

it forms a digital image showing temperature patterns made due to body heat. This teaching was previously used in the detection of inflammation and nerve disfunctions.

It is also believed that IR cameras can also be used to detect fever, and many other desiase like the cardinal symptom of SARS, and avian influenza.

The infrared thermal scanner is a good device but it’s accuracy depends on certain factors like infrared system can be affected by human activities, environmental temperature , humpty and also the equipment variables.

It one more limited is that the thermal imager measures the skin temperature and not the whole body temperature. As we all know that the body determines a temperature as its so-called “set point” at only one time which is during the body temperature regulation time.Thermal scanner

In our body the Fever happens if in the nervous system the hypothalamus detects pyrogens and then it self raises the set point of body, which causes increase in body temperature know as fever.

# The fever can be classified into three stages.

1) mostly at the time of stating of fever,. the body tries to raise its temperature but vasoconstriction occurs in our body to prevent heat loss through the skin.

Due to this reason, some thermal scanners become unable to find out the fever (mostly at the beginning of the fever or after the fever got cured )if it is not designed particularly to detect fever at that mild stage .

The research is still in progress to how to convert this infrared technology to convert mass blind screening to detect Any person from a group with elevated body temperature.

Cause For this application, it is more difficult for thermal scanner to find our the infected person from normal peoples accurately.

But still efficiecy of this infrared thermal scanner can be used to Minimizing the number of false positive and false negative cases, it also improves the efficiency of the most of the screening stations.

It is must that the False negative results should be avoided at all costs, as letting a SARS infected person through the screening process may lead to dangerou results.

As a conclusion the present research application will remain an interes of people fora very long time and useful for reference by both local and overseas manufacturers of thermal scanners, users, and various other government and private sector establishments.

As gradual increase in body temperature is a most common presenting symptom for many kinds of illnesses including infectious diseases, that’s why the thermal imagers are useful tools for mass screening of body temperature of human body not only for SARS but also during other other public health crisis where widespread transmission of any kind infection is a concern.

correct way of handling thermal scanner.

The accurate way to use these infrared thermal scanners is first place the person at a distance of about of 1-3 cm from the scanning device.

Cause in case If the person who being scanned through this device is beyond this distance, the factors like air temperature can get you some false results.

Which may lead to a false sense of comfort to the people being scanned. And this may be the That why so many devices are reporting human body temperatures wrong which is around 88°F or 90°F,.

Thermal scanner price in india.

As the number of cases are increasing in india at a very high rate, the demand of thermal scanners have also include , so the probability of getting a duplicate product has also increased in the market.

So the question is how to select the best thermal scanner with the most accurate rate.?

That’s is simply by keeping in mind the effect of COVID 19 , the best available thermal scanners are the leasre thermal scanner,

which gives you most accurate result in a very less time due to efficiency power of laser beam used .

But as this product contain leaser beam emitter system so it can’t be msnufactured in india as that’s why it’s cost is little bit high , ranging from 2000 to 7000 varying on the basis of brand and durability.

But you must get it from a trusted distributor for better readability.
That was all about the processing and working of infrared thermal scanner .
But one must keep in mind that that This pandemic is changing it’s nature and way day by day so one must be prepared , and must follow the guidelines issued by government to protect themselves from being infected.
Stay safe, stay healthy.


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