Web Data Communication and Processing

Web Data Communication and Processing
Web Data Communication and Processing

In the modern digital world , each one of us is connected to someone else through internet or more particularly web world with the help of many devices like cell phone , desktop, tablets and many more.
( Web Data Communication and Processing )

But have you ever wonderful , what kind of communication process we are using from such a long time. What makes us get connected to our near ones so accurately.

So the answer is …We are using a system called network communication for connecting to other device giving us access to connect with many people on the basis of certain types of protocols.( Web Data Communication and Processing )

So basically how this system works ?.
What are the protocols of networking !
Let’s find out answers to all your questions in this article.

Web data communication and processing.

The web Data communications particularly refers to the transmission of this digital data through one computer to another computer network or data network .

This is done through telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data with each other through any network .

This type of physical connection are established between two or more devices through network communication using either cable media transmission or wireless media transmission . ( Web Data Communication and Processing )

And one of The best-known computer network system is the Internet which connects numerous devices through it www (world wide network).

#What are the types of Computer Networks

All the computer network uses a particular form of transmission of data, that is your data is passed from one device to another in the form of small small electro packets.

And The devices which are used to transmit or receive this data, such as a cell phone or a computer, are referred to as nodes.
There are mainly Three types of networks:

  1. Local Area Network (LAN): such type of network are usuala used for small network that is restricted to a very small area for example all networks in a particular house. Or we can say A computer network available only to the residents of a any building can be termed as a LAN.
  2. Wide Area Network (WAN): As described by the name, these networks cover a wide range of connectivity area. WANs are mainly used to connect a cluster of LANs and other types kind of networks together so that it’s users and other devices like computers can communicate with other computers in any of range between this wide area network regions. For an example of a WAN is used for connecting network of a town of a society with each other.
  3. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): The third one with the second highest reachability , ” MAN ” it is a network that connects the users with other computer and network resources in a metropolitan area that is much arger than LAN but not large as WAN. Means we can say it is an intermediate between LAN and WAN.

What are the basic components of Computer Networks?

There are several components of Computer network , which provides a easy and smooth working of this network divided into several components on the basis of their assigned work.( Web Data Communication and Processing )

So some of them are.:


Servers are a group of computers which are used to hold , store and share files and other programs and media to the network of anther operating systems.( Web Data Communication and Processing )

The main function of Servers is to provide access to users of all network resources present on the web. There are many different kinds of servers on the basis of its function and ownership and also one server can provide several types of functions.

Like there are file servers used to store and transmit files, print servers to give access to printer to retrieve information from device and print it, mail servers to give access to accounts for sending and receiving emails , most used communication servers used for all the voice and video

communication, database servers, , fax servers and web servers for retrieving all the web components to your device like downloading movies , images and many more , are some of the examples of servers.

2 .Clients –

Clients are the one who send request for retrieving any kind of information or media and connectivity to the server computers, which then give you access to use that file ,media and network and shared network resources.

So basically the Clint computer is the one who request server to get connected to their desired network or file. .( Web Data Communication and Processing )

3.Transmission Media –

All the Transmission of data need some medium to occur, and the devices or medium used to transfer this are called as transmission media . The devices ir medium used to transfer all this data are interconnect to all thecomputers in a form of network, such as twisted-pair wire, coaxial cable, and optical fiber cable.

*Optical fibre cables are the fastest data transfer medium at present used by many multinational companies and data provider for easy and ultra fast data transfer.( Web Data Communication and Processing )
Transmission media are also termed as transmission channels, links or lines.

4.Shared data –

The term Shared data refers to all the data files or media that file servers give access to clients for retrieving data files, printer access and many other programs and e-mail.

5.Shared printers and other peripherals –

The term Shared printers and peripherals refers to all the external devices connected to network through any cable or wireless connection which can be accessed by users through network provided by servers. All the devices which can be accessed through Clint’s with the help of server as called as peripherals.( Web Data Communication and Processing )

6.Network Interface Card

Each computer connected through the network has a pre installed special expansion card know as network interface card (NIC). The NIC manags the data by maintaining a flow of data between computers and other kind of networks used to send and receive data.

The work of NIC On the transmission side, is to pass frames of data on to the physical layer of network, which transmits the data through sharing the physical link between the network.

And on other side .The work of NIC On the receiver’s side is to decode the bits received, from the physical layer and processes the message based on its contents.( Web Data Communication and Processing )

7.Local Operating System –

A local operating system is connection between all the external hardwares which allows personal computers or desktop and other devices to access files, local printer, and can also use hard disk and CD drives that are located on the computer.

8.Network Operating System

The Network operating system is set of system connected with each other to share and receive the data and media files from each other.Or we can it as a network of communication between many devices or computer.


Hub is a widely used device that is used to splits a web network connection into multiple computers. It is much like a distribution center of information between computer networks.

Whenever a computer request information from a particular server network or a specific computer, it sends the request with the help of cable to the hub..

and as The hub receives the request it transmit the request to the entire web network. And after that Each computer connected in the network then figure out whether the broadcast data is related to them or not.

10.Switch –

Switch is a type of telecommunication device binded as one of computer network interference components. It always uses the actual physical device addresses in each incoming messag so that the message can be delivered to the right destination or port.

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