10 Largest Cities In Arizona

Himanshi singh        Nov  25 , 2022

#1. Phoenix -

Phoenix has a lot going for it. It is the capital city of Arizona (in Maricopa County), the largest city in the state, the fifth largest in the United States, and also the sixth sunniest city in the country. 

#2. Tucson - 

Located in Pima County, the only city on this list not found in Maricopa, Tucson takes the number two spot. Though its population is about one-third that of the Phoenix,  

#3. Mesa - 

Mesa, situated just twenty miles East of Phoenix, takes the bronze, it is within shouting distance of Tucson's population. Mesa's 2020 census also eclipsed a half-million people, 

#4. Chandler -

Roughly 25 miles Southeast of Phoenix, the city of Chandler narrowly gets the fourth spot over its nearby rival, Gilbert. This speaks to the overall growth of the surrounding Phoenix area, as many cities 

#5. Gilbert -

A mere five-miles northeast of Chandler, and nine miles south of Mesa, Gilbert acts as a middle ground for much of the area. The 2020 census showed a whopping population growth of 28.5% since 2010  

#6. Glendale -

The Northwestern suburb of Phoenix (nine miles NW), Glendale, registered just shy of a quarter-million people in the 2020 census and just north of that milestone by 2022 (estimated at 252,645) 

#7. Scottsdale -

Scottsdale is part of the northeastern Phoenix metropolitan area (thirteen miles NE) and is a popular vacation destination. The city is divided into distinct neighborhoods that promote a little 

#8. Peoria -

The city of Peoria is fourteen miles northeast of Phoenix and only five-miles Northeast of Glendale - placing it in both Maricopa and Yavapai County.  

#9. Tempe -

Tempe is the closest suburb of Phoenix, sitting just eleven miles east of the capital. Given the continued growth within the city's fixed boundary, Tempe scores the highest population density 

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