10 Largest Cities In The United State

Himanshi singh        Nov  25 , 2022

#1. New York City, New York 

The Big Apple takes the crown for the most populated city in the country - and by quite a margin. 

#2. Los Angeles, California 

The pleasant weather and the entertainment industry are two big draws for this beloved hotspot. 

#3. Chicago, Illinois 

Close to three million people call Chicago, Illinois, their sweet home, though, like many cities on this list, a decline occurred during the first year of the pandemic 

#4. Houston, Texa

Houston leads the charge as the only Lone Star State entry to surpass two million people. 

#5. Phoenix, Arizona 

Phoenix, Arizona, is the first city on this list with a growing population 

#6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, narrowly missed the top five population credential, but it is well-established in the annals of American history 

#7. San Antonio, Texa

San Antonio is the second city in Texas to crack the top ten and the only other entry that grew in 2021 (+1.20%). 

#8. San Diego, California

The tit-for-tat rivalry between California and Texas also takes the form of populated cities.  

#9. Dallas, Texa

Rounding out the Texan representation is the Northeastern city of Dallas. 

#10. San Jose

 off the top ten is the third most populous city in California. San Jose sits just South of San Francisco and Oakland, at the tip of San Francisco Bay.  

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