8 Countries Where Alcohol Used To Be Illegal

Himanshi singh        Nov  21 , 2022

#United States (1920-1933)

In the early 19th century, several moralistic movements swept across the United States and pushed for legislations enforcing social reforms such as the abolition of slavery.  

#Canada (1918-1920)

Prior to Confederation, prohibition laws had been in existence in Canada in the mid-19th century with the Province of Canada passing the Dunkin Act in 1864 where any municipality was given authority to prohibit the retail sale of liquor through a majority vote. 

#Faroe Islands (1907-1992)

The island nation of Faroe Islands had one of the longest-standing Prohibition law in the world which stood for 85 years. In 1907, the nation’s legislature 

#Russian Empire (1914-1923)

Russian culture is famed for its consumption of hard liquor and more so spirits. However, in 1914, the Russian Empire which had just begun its campaign in the First World War banned the sale of liquor with high alcohol  

#Iceland (1915-1935)

In 1908, Iceland conducted a referendum which called for the ban of all alcoholic drinks and the laws banning alcohol became effective on January 1st, 1915. 

#Norway (1916-1927)

The Kingdom of Norway had a referendum seeking the introduction of the prohibition on spirits conducted on October 5th to 6th, 1919 where results showed that 61.6% 

#Hungarian Soviet Republic (1919)

The government of the Hungarian Soviet Republic imposed a short-lived Prohibition Law on alcoholic beverages which lasted from March 21st, 1919 to August 1st, 1919. 

#Finland (1919-1932)

The government of the Kingdom of Finland passed laws banning the sale of alcohol in 1919. However, the resulting public pressure forced the government to call for a referendum on the prohibition  

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