Countries With The Strictest Dress Code

Himanshi singh        Nov  21 , 2022


The island with 26 atolls is a paradise chain of pristine beaches and a threatened tourist destination, slowly sinking from climate change effects. 


France was the most-visited country in the world in 2019, with millions of tourists each year that must oblige to a stringent "not-to" dress code.  


The ban-effective since 2009, protects national treasures from tearing, which is respectably righteous. Although it may be tempting to wear heels on the streets of lively cities like Athens,  


Sudan runs on interpretations of Islamic Sharia law, which embeds a strict dress code for women. It allows officials to arrest Sudanese women for breaking the "public order" for dressing indecently. 


The beautiful and liberal country is one of the most affordable in Southern Europe. Italy is a welcoming destination with fine wine, cuisine, modern culture, heritage, and friendly people. 

#Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a conservative country where men cannot sport women's attire, and women must not show bare skin. The nation's justice system is based on Wahhabism, a form of Islam that prohibits "liberal dress" 

#North Korea

Communist North Korea bans long hair for men and trousers in a woman's attire. The regulation states that men cannot sport more than 3 inches of hair length, avoid buzz cuts, 


Uganda is a socially conservative country with new legislation that bans "indecent dressing." Wearing anything that reveals above the knees in public is considered grounds for arrest.  

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