Former Portuguese Colonie

Himanshi singh        Nov  21 , 2022

#Former Portuguese Colonie

This article will explore this history and how these former Portuguese colonies are making their mark on the world stage in modern times.  

#Portugal's Colonization Of Africae

Portugal's colonial empire started with Ceuta, Africa. Portugal seized this port from the Moors in 1415 and would later use it as a base for further colonial conquests.  

#Portugal's Colonization Of North America

Portuguese explorers first reached North America in the 15th century when Gaspar Corte-Real explored Newfoundland and Labrador. 

#Portugal's Colonization Of North America

Portugal's main interest in North America, and specifically Canada, was its rich fishing opportunities.  

#Portugal's Colonization Of South America

Portugal first turned its attention to South America in the 16th century, when Portugal began to explore and establish its presence in what would become Brazil.  

#Portugal's Colonization Of Asia

Portugal began colonizing Asia in the 16th century when Portugal established the Estado da Índia Portuguesa (Portuguese State of India), a political entity that Portugal held onto until its dissolution in 1961. 

#Portugal's Colonization Of Europe

Portugal colonized parts of Europe, such as Portugal's Colonies in the Azores, Madeira, and the Cape Verde Islands. 

#Portugal's Colonization Of Europe

Portugal's colonization of its colonies in Europe has left a lasting legacy on Portugal's culture, and Portugal is still heavily influenced by the immigrants who came to Portugal during its colonial period. 

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