“Indian Olympics” 

India first participated in the Olympics in 1900, with Norman Prizard (Anglo-Indian) the only player to win two silver medals in athletics.  

The country sent a team for the first time at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games, and ever since then.  

The country sent a team for the first time at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games, and ever since then.  

“Indian Olympics” 

History of Olympic

The earliest solid date that written history gives for the primary Olympics is 776 B.C., albeit basically, all antiquarians assume that the Games started well before then, at that point. 

It is sure that during the midsummer of 776 B.C. a celebration was held at Olympia on the profoundly acculturated eastern shoreline of the Peloponnesian promontory. 

“Indian Olympics” 

The  Modern  Olympics 

The restoration of the Olympic Games in 1896, in contrast to the first Games, has an unmistakable, succinct history. 

Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), a youthful French aristocrat, felt that he could establish an instructive program in France that approximated the antiquated Greek thought of a decent improvement of psyche and body. 

“Indian Olympics” 

Modern  Olympics  problem

In 1896, the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, the capital of Greece. 

Marathon running was also included for the first time in 43 competitions.  

“Indian Olympics” 

Olympic medalists from India

Norman Pritchardsilver  Indian hockey teamGold Indian hockey teamGold  Ravi Kumar Dahiyasilver  KD Jadhavbronze   

Indian hockey teambronze  Bajrang Puniabronze lovlina borgohainbronze  Neeraj ChopraGold  Mirabai Chanusilver 

“Indian Olympics” 

What is the Olympic age limit? 

These range from 13 for fencing and 14 for taekwondo and bobsled 

17 for wrestling, cycling, and weightlifting, and 20 for the marathon. 

“Indian Olympics” 

How many athletes are in the Indian Olympic team? 

The Indian contingent participated in a record 69 events, and earned medals across 18 athletic disciplines. 

India at the 2020 Summer Olympics Competitors 126 in 18 sports 

“Indian Olympics” 

Who is the No 1 Indian athlete? 

None other than India’s golden boy javelin ace 

Neeraj Chopra

“Indian Olympics” 

The awarding of the Olympic Game

The honour of holding the Olympic Games is entrusted to a city, not to a country. 

The choice of the city lies solely with the IOC. Application to hold the Games is made by the chief authority of the city, with the support of the national government. 

“Indian Olympics” 


The International Olympic Committee

At the Congress of Paris in 1894, the control and development of the modern Olympic Games were entrusted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC; Comité International Olympique).