St. Marys River, Michigan–Ontario

Himanshi singh        Nov  21 , 2022

#Steady State Vs The Big Bang

The 4.5 km long Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge spans across the St. Marys River and connects the twin communities of Sault Ste.  

#Geography Of St. Marys River

The upper reach of the St. Marys River has a fall of 7.0 m and begins at the end of Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior's eastern tip before flowing for 119.9 km in a southeasterly direction into Lake Huron. 

#Climate Of St. Marys River

There are three distinct stages of ice conditions in the St. Marys River. Mid-December to mid-January marks the beginning of the fall freeze-up stage.  

#Brief History Of St. Marys River

St. Marys River served as an important component of the fur trade route following Étienne Brule's exploration of the area in 1621.  

#Power Plants In St. Marys River

Known variously as the Edison Sault Hydroelectric Plant and the Cloverland Electric Cooperative Hydroelectric Plant, the Saint Marys Falls Hydropower Plant is situated near Sault Ste.

#Ecology Of St. Marys River

The area along the St. Marys River is home to several different natural tree species, such as bald cypress, several kinds of pine, sweetgum and tupelo gum, southern and sweet bay magnolias, red maple, 

#Threats To St. Marys River

The US and Canada governments identified 43 locations in The Great Lakes region that had serious, ongoing environmental issues in the 1980s 

#Threats To St. Marys River

American Rivers recently named the Okefenokee Swamp and St. Marys River among America’s Most Endangered Rivers, citing the threat titanium mining would pose to the waterways’ clean water, wetlands and wildlife habitat.  

#Canal To St. Marys River

After detouring through Canada, the Milk River re-enters the U.S. in Hill County, north of Havre. The river flows into Fresno Reservoir, where a dam (shown above) releases water back into the Milk River, the water lifeline irrigators from Havre to Glasgow depend on. 

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