The 7 Oldest Religions In The World

Himanshi singh        Nov  22 , 2022

#1. Hinduism (15th – 5th Century BCE)

Hinduism was birthed out of a fusion of two cultures. At some point, around 1500 B.C, the Indo-Ayran people migrated to the Indus Valley, 

#2. Zoroastrianism (10th – 5th Century BCE)

The ancient religion is said to be founded by the prophet Zoroaster. However, unfortunately much is not known about him.  

#3. Judaism (9th – 5th Century BCE)

Judaism is an old religion starting in the early two millennium B.C. Judaism teaches monotheism or the belief in one God.   

#4. Jainism (8th – 2nd Century BCE)

Jainism teaches that the Tirthankara is an individual who has obtained perfect mastery over anger, pride, deceit, and desire. 

#5. Confucianism (6th – 5th Century BCE)

Beginning in the 6th century, Confucianism quickly spread throughout Asia and continues to impact millions of people's lives some 2,600 years later. 

#6. Buddhism (6th – 5th Century BCE)

His name was Siddhartha Guatama, a young rich prince from Lumbini, which is part of modern-day Nepal.  

#7. Taoism (6th – 4th Century BCE)

Taoism started in China about 2,400 years ago and was officially recognized as a religion during the Tang dynasty.  

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