The Richest Cities In History

Himanshi singh        Nov  23 , 2022


Whether the center of the economic world or home to the rich elite, each of these seven cities is worthy of recognition 

#1. London, England

It should be no surprise that the beating heart of the British Empire acquired immeasurable wealth at the apex of its power. 

#2. New York, United States Of America

Overtaking London in the early 20th century, the Big Apple still remains the economic center of the world.  

#3. Constantinople, Byzantine Empire

Known today as Istanbul in modern times, the city of Constantinople was once the most envied city on earth.  

#4. Rome, Italy

The apex of ancient civilization, Rome at its height had no rivals. By the end of the 1st century AD, Rome had grown to encompass all of the Mediterranean, increasing its riches.  

#5. Timbuktu, Mali

Going through a golden age during the 14th and 16th centuries AD, the city of Timbuktu sat at the crossroad between the African subcontinent and the wealthy Muslim Caliphates  

#6. Baghdad, Iraq

In the center of the famed Islamic Golden Age, the city of Baghdad flourished, leading the world in mathematics, science, literature, and trade 

#7. Damascus, Syria

Serving as the seat of power for countless caliphates, Damascus has experienced a litany of economic booms and busts.  

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