Russia-Ukraine conflict

The unannounced war between Ukraine and Russia has taken the world politics, economy, and global market systems by storm and the diplomatic efforts by world leaders to resolve the crisis showed no sign of progress. 

What has happened so far?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow is ready for talks to end the fighting in Ukraine but will continue to press its effort to destroy Ukraine's military infrastructure. He further added that the Russian delegation submitted its demand to its Ukrainian counterpart and is waiting for Kyiv's response.

Russian shelling has led to a fire at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe and accounts for 25% of Ukraine's power generation. The nuclear watchdog IAEA has put its Incident and Emergency Centre (IEC) in full 2487 response mode due to the prevailing situation at the nuclear power plant. The organization further added that no change has been reported in the radiation levels. 

President Vladimir Putin praised its soldiers as heroes and said that Russia's military operations in Ukraine are going as planned. He went on to make a series of allegations against Ukrainian forces, including that they were holding foreign citizens hostage and using human shields. 

The US has offered humanitarian relief to around 30,000 Ukrainians in the United States. Under the Temporary Protected Status, Ukrainian refugees can remain in the US for up to 18 months. 

Ukrainian President Zelensky asked his Russian counterpart to sit down and negotiate. He salted the proposal with a touch of sarcasm saying that he don't bite.

The Group of Seven industrialised nations strongly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and said they would bring forward severe and coordinated economic and financial sanctions against Moscow.

If  We Don't End War , War End Us