What Is URL

What Is URL

What Is URL

While surfing through internet , many of us got some questions clicked in our mind that how do we can the exact or relevant data we needed just by writing the name of content or product we need to know about. ( What Is URL )

How do the internet find out the things from such a huge database for the user in such least time.
( What Is URL )

So the answer to your questions is , it’s due to the URL of the product, content or Site you wanted to search about.( What Is URL )

Many people may be confused between the URL and the domain name so let me clarify you that URL and Domain name are two totally different stuffs.

In reality the domain name is used as just a part of a URL.
Is order to understand it better, let us elaborate this..

All the computer networks have to be connected to each other in order to communicate and share information and for this purpose computer system are dependent on a language made up of a unique set of numbers and letters called as IP address.

A Unique IP addresses is assigned to every device which connects to internet. So that the information transferred by you do not get delivered to a wrong address.( What Is URL )

An IP address assigned to any device looks like this.;: or 3ffe:1700:7865:3:200:f8fe:fe31:65cf

Although the IP address assigned to any device is unique still its definitely not comfortable to type and remember such type of long IP addresses so for assigning a better option , the domain name is been used for locating the desire address by the users.

This was the major reason behind the creation of domain names – the concept of covering up the actual IP address of any device with something that can be recognized and is memorable by the users..

we can also say that the domain name is something like assigned “nickname” to the IP address.

The domain name is used for specifying your registered site name . For which you have to pay and registered for your place but URL is not like that.
Still the question is same. ( What Is URL )

What is this URL and what does work .
And how to specify the URL for your conant , brand and product.
So let’s find out the answers to all your questions in this article.

What is URL?

The full form of URL is (Uniform Resource Locator), which is also known as the “web address”, of your content .

It is used to specify the position or we can say the location of the resource we are searching about for example and kind of web page on the internet.

The URL of any device is also used to for specifying your device and that how to retrieve information through that resource, also called as the “protocol ” for the set of your desired information , such as HTTP( Hyper text transfer protocols ), HTTPS(Hyper text transfer protocol secure ) , FTP( file transfer protocol), etc.( What Is URL )

The URL of any web site is designed such that it should be readable and recognizable and that way ir was designed such that it can replace the numbers and characters identity (IP addresses) which is been used by computers to communicate with other servers.

They are also used for identification of the file structure suppored by the assigned website. The constituents of the URL are a set of protocol, websites domain name, and the path (where the specific location of the subfolder structure is stored.) and also has the following basic format:

The protoco word used in the very first line is used to indicates the steps and procedures followed by a browser to retrieve information about that specific resource.

The web standard used in it are http:// or https:// (the “s” stands for “secure”), but it may also consist of things like mailto: ( used to open users default mail client server) or ftp(file transfer protocol ): (to handle file transfers).( What Is URL )

And The domain name specified just after protocol is the name of the specific location( where the website data is stored) of the resources such that it is readable and recognizable.

Now we shall discuss about the top-level domain (TLD) . The TLD is used to specify the category of website . Like we have seen in many of websites domain ending with most used suffix .

Com for all the commercial used website and their are many top level domain for some categories like .edu used for all the educational institute sites and .gov for governmental sites, and many other specified category.

With all these the URLs also contain other utiliites like the path of the specific folders or subfolder that are been provided to any given website,

and other useful parameters (like click tracking or session IDs) that might be stored in the URL, and it also provides support to the anchors that allow visitors to go to a particular point in the resource.

These were the points which defines the URL of any site. Now let us know some benifit of URL.( What Is URL )

How URL can help to improve seo of site.!

There are 3 most important benefits of URLs:

  1. It Improves user browsing experience :
    A well designed URL provide convenience to it users as well as the search engine to find out the main aim of the URL . For example, any URL containing the institute name with the .Edu suffix then the user can easily find out that the URL has been used for promotion of educational stuff.
    It made users browsing experience better as Even if the title tag of any page were hidden, the appropriate and readable URL would still provide a clear idea about what kind information page is containing and the visitors will also find it easy for them to find the contents they are searching for with an improved user experience by making them aware about the contents been provided to them by the website.
    But now Google has started replacing the URL within the search result snippet mostly in cell phones with the area with a site name and breadcrumb path.
  2. Rankings
    Most of the time URLs also plays a minor but worthy ranking facto in most of the r search engines which is used for determining the information relevant to search queries with providing you particular pages or relevant resource’s . Although they do give weight to the domain itself, but the keyword used in a URL can also act as a important ranking factor.

By using some trending keywords in your URL can improve your site’s search visibility in the browsers, many of the URLs on their own do not have a major impact on the factor of page’s ability to rank in seo.

So if you know to write the appropriate content on the basis of keyword, then only include it to your URL else it , don’t create any kind of impact on seo.( What Is URL )

URLs may be short but it must be strictly stick to the point and purpose of the site so all these search engine can easily find them.

In URLs one can’t use underscores, spaces, or any other characters to separate words. So for this purpose one must use hypnes for separation of words.

Use lowercase letters in URLs as in some cases, most of the uppercase letters can cause issues with other duplicate pages using same kind of URLs For example, fresh.com/Blog and Fresh.com/blog might be seen as two different URLs, which may lead to issues with duplicate content.

Try to Avoid the uses of URL parameters, as much as possible, as they can create many issues in accordance with tracking and other such kind of duplicate content problems.

If still parameters are need to be used (UTM codes, e.g.), then use them accordingly.

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