Wireless power Transmission

Wireless power Transmission

Wireless power transmission

In the modern digital era Power or electricity is one of the most important thing if our life. Cause we are totally dependent of electronics appliances. (Wireless power Transmission)

From our cell phone, television, air conditioner, washing machine every thing around ous works on electricity
So how this power is been transmitted to you ?

Yes the answer is through cable. The power is transmitted to you through heavy metallic cables to supply electricity through power grid to your home or resident .

This method of transferring power has been used sinced a very long time. Do we have any substitution for this long and heavy wires. Probably not now but we are using the the concept of. “Wireless Power Transmission

from so many decades. Which enables you to transfer power and electricity with any wired connection between the source and the receiver.of energy transition.

As we all know, the cost of making electricity is proved to be too high for our nature And wild life .

As from sources it have clarified that the maximum amount of power production occur through the burning of fossil fuels and nuclear activities. Which is definattely not good for our environment.

After the industrial revolution , we humans have contaminated our nature a lot , and due to this our forthcoming are seemed to pay .

For changing this scenario, We badly needed a sustainable source of energy which can minimum the loss of power during transmission so a large amount of power can be saved .

And through this one of leading sustainable technology took the charge that is Wireless Power Transmission ( WPT) also know as IPT (inductive power transfer).

Wireless power transmission was first introduced by Nikola Tesla in 1891.
Nikola Tesla demonstrated the concept of wireless transmission by the terms of “electrostatic induction” at the Columbia college while presenting an lecture ti the students in 1891.

Tesla demonstrates this experiment with the help of two metal sheets which were connected with the Tesla coil oscillator, on which high-voltage radio frequency alternating current was applied.

As a result of oscillating electric field produced between these sheets ionized one of the the low-pressure gas in the two long Geissler tubes in his hands, which made them glow in a manner much more similar to neon tubes.

Wireless power transmission (WPT) have been classifieds into two categories, one is near field and another one is far-field

In the very first technique , electricity or power is transferred over a short range of distance with the help of magnetic fields using the concept of inductive coupling between the coils of wire,

or through the help of electric fields using cpacitor based coupling between various metal electrodes know as “near field or non-radiative techniques” .

In near field , Inductive coupling is considered to be most widely used wireless technology. its is area such as for charging many types of handheld

devices like cell phones and the latest electric toothbrushes , induction based cookers and utensils, and wireless charging or provided continuous power supply to the medical devices like artificial cardiac pacemakers, or electric vehicles.and many such medical devices .

The second form of Wireless power transmission ( WPT). Is far-field or also know as radiowave transmission, using the concept of power beaming and form of radio waves.

power is been transferred from sender to the receiver by transmitting a beams of electromagnetic radiation, like microwave or laser beams.

These type of transmission can be get done for transportation of energy to a much longer distances but the most necessary condition in it is that it must be perfectly aimed to the receiver end.

Many other type of such sustainable power transfer applications are solar power satellites, and also wireless transmission powered drone aircrafts

Wireless power transfer is also termed by many different forms and framework enabling the wireless transmittion of energy by the help of electromagnetic fields.

Today we are witnessing a a lot of technical development in the field of wireless energy transmission for different different range of distance of power transmission.

over which we have to transfer power efficiently,when the device used for transmission know as transmitter must in the position that it should directly aim to the receiver end., and in such type of electromagnetic energy transmission the kind of waves used are as followed.

1) time varying electric fields : the electric waves in the form of pules varying with the time to form a code like transmission over a large range of distance.
2) Magnetic fields : the transmission of data through the continuous transmitting magnetic waves.

3) Radio waves : the radio wave transmission is done through encrypting data in the form of different diffrent frequencies which are been transmitted along with the radio waves are detected an unencrypted at the receiver end. Radio waves are used in very long range of data transmission.

4) Microwaves: similar to.the radio waves it also uses the concept of encryption data over the waves but as the frequency of these waves are quite high so they ca not be transmitted that far as compared to radio waves.
5) infrared or visible light waves.: The transmissionif data through visible light is done through such kind of transmission.

#How this transmission occurs : working.

The ” Wireless power transmission” system consistent of a transmission device called as ” transmitter” which is connected to a ditect source of power (DC current ) such as a mains power line, through which it converts

the (Direct current) to a time-varying electromagnetic field, and then it is been transmitted to the a distance by aiming it to the “receiver” end where the devices attached with the receiver ,

receive the transmitted power and further convert it back to it original form of Direct current (DC) or alternating Current (AC) electric current which is then used by the electrical power grid and loads.

On the transmitter end the input power is first converted into an oscillating electromagnetic field current with the help of long metel and allowed based “antenna” devicees..

The term “antenna” is used here for just an demonstration purposes. ; it may be a coil of wire wrapped around a mere having properties of generating magnetic fields line due to induced electromagnetic induction.

The components used for the Wireless power transmission are , a thick metal plate which have ability of generating an electric field, an high efficiency antenna which can emmits radio waves, or a laser through which one can generates beam of light

Once the data is transmitted the receiver must also have appropriate system to receive all such data transmission .

For this they need A similar kind of antenna or other coupling device at receiver end through which they can converts the received oscillating fields to an electric current.

The most important parameter through which we decides the Range of transmission is the frequency. As only through the determination of the type of waves is the frequency, we can define the wave length and the range over which this data can ne transmitted.

This shows the all the aspects of wireless power transmission (WPT)
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