Xioami Mi Notebook

Xioami Mi Notebook

Xioami Mi NoteBook 14 /14 horizon edition.

Xioami , the Chinese smartphone company with most popular brand among the smartphones have achieved a huge amount of fame within the last few years due to its affordable Range of smartphone with the most amazing and advance features and camera quality. Xioami Mi Notebook (Xioami Mi Notebook)

Also with it recent release of Smart Television it has started giving Nightmares to other brandes of Smart phones and television.

And with this high reputation, Xioami has started getting a lot of attention from the indian market and with suc phenomenal attention it has released it’s first laptop model series in india with its Mi Notebook series

Today Mi has released its Two laptop edition simultaneously named Mi Notebook 14 and Mi Notebook Horizon edition.

With such simultaneous release of Two models of laptop with such a advance features has flooded the electronic industry with so many confusion .

So With JaiSana group ., Let’s seen what are the real features of Mi Notebook 14 and Mi Notebook 14 horizon edition. And a comparative analysis of both the model on the basis of their rates, software and prices.
Let us begin with its most advanced Model.

Mi Xioami Notebook 14 horizon edition.

Mi has recently launched its first Laptop range in india. With its most prominent product
Xioami Mi Notebook

” Mi Xioami Notebook 14 horizon edition.” It seem to be one of the best featured laptop at a very affordable prices and high quality processor and features.

The features of MI NOTEBOOK 14 horizon:

Body .

The all new Mi Notebook 14 horizon is made up of made up of very light and comparable allows and aluminum Metals.it too light weight that it screen can be lifted just with an finger and without displacing it’s lower body. it has the Mi logo encrypted only on its back of the screen.

It is ultra slim and light weight laptop with a charming metal black look. With no glassy finish over the outer body it won’t reflects the light .

It don’t have a webCam installe on its body but due to greater demand of web video conferencing, and work fro home activities the Xioami has decided to introduce a USB web Cam.Xioami Mi Notebook

Which will enable its users to enjoy all the features of Web cam with this portable USB webcam.
The dimensions of this laptop are ultra thin and light weighted that it can be kept in the list of ultrabook .

With all this features it seem to be very easy to handle and the user can easily carry it from one place to the another.


The screen of Mi Notebook 14 horizon is made up of full HD led display with its screen resolution as 1920×1080 pixel screen. With about 91 percent screen screen to body ratio.

WHich seems to be the best of its kind .
It screen is sharp and bright showing the best visual experience .attched with two super 2W sterio speaker present at the bottom on the edge of the bottom base.Xioami Mi Notebook

It’s screen is accompanied with an anti glare display coating, which prevent it’s screen from reflections cause by indoor room lights.


The connectivity provided by Mi Notebook horizon is it provides its user 3 USB slots with 2 as 3.1 ports and the remaining one of USB 2.0 port. With the support of 1.4b HDMI .
It also has a couple of 3.5 mm jack for installation of mic and headphone.

working performance and Features.:

The working performance of Mi notebook 14 horizon seem to be of very high level with most powerful 8 Gb DDR4 RAM. And super storage of 512 GB SSD storage.Xioami Mi Notebook

This comes in two product types varying on the basis of their processors.one with the Intel it 10th generation processor and the other one is Intel ki 10th generation processor.

i5 and i7 10th generation processors are of excellent for the daily purpose uses with a high efficiency and working performance.
The Mi notebook comes with a ultra high graphic card of Nvidia Before MX350. Which enables you to play your favorite games on your PC without any interruptions.

And for doing high level video editing. As those software support high graphics card for smooth processing..

Power storage and changing.

When it comes to any electronic devices.the very first thing a user think about its power consumption, battery’s life , working hours provide by it.and charging speed.

But with MI you don’t have to worry about this.
As with the 45 W most powerful battery , Mi Notebook 14 horizon edition has a power backup of 10 hours long with a single charge. Which is more then enough for a tough working day too.Xioami Mi Notebook

With this super battery system you can easily carry you laptop anywhere without worrying About the battery drainage. Due to this battery power system , Mi notebooks is going to be in a great demand .

And with this super battery it also have a 65W charger which can get you your laptop charged from 0 to 50 % in just 35 minutes that means you can save a lot of time , you have to keep waiting for the charging hour of your laptop .

With this the operating system used by this Mi Notebook 14 Horizon edition is windows 10 which comes with a one month free tria of on the most advanced operating system office 365.

All these features are included in a single device with a very affordable price ranging from ₹54,999 for the is 10th generation model of Mi Notebook 14 horizon and and a launch price of ₹59,999 for the is 10 the generation processor model.

Which is too reasonable price and affordable even for the middle class families with such high features.and such a outstanding battery life and charging facilities.
Xioami Mi Notebook

Which remarks that Mi is again going to shake the market with it brand new model. Of MI Notebook 14 Horizon edition.
Along with this Mi has also launched a little bit lower version of this model that is

MI Notebook 14 .

With all the features of Mi Notebook 14 horizon edition in battery life and RAM . The Mi Notebook 14 is also going to be a great succes with its availability in the model of i5 10 th generation processor.

It comes with the graphic card of Midia GeForce MX250.whic is also a excellent version of graphic card for our day to day editing and gaming life experiences.

The Mi Notebook 14 also has two different ranged variant available . One of which is an 256GB SSD storage with its base price as ₹41,999 and another one comes with the an 512GB variant with range of ₹44999.

With additional to such a affordable rates . MI is providing additional cashback of rupees 2000 to all the buyers , who buy these products in June 2020.

With all these features both Mi Notebook 14 horizon edition as well as MI notebook 14 is going to be a awesome product for the users who seekes to have all the advance features at a reasonable price

And on comparing both of them , without any doubt Mi Notebook 14 horizon edition is better choice as it has a advance graphic cards system and also accompanied with higher resolution and SSD storage.Xioami Mi Notebook

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